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Central Plains Center’s Board of Trustees wishes to announce the hiring of Sherri Bohr as CEO as of June 1, 2016.  She will be replacing Ron Trusler who is retiring due to health reasons.  He has served in that capacity for almost 21 years.  He has been with Central Plains Center for almost 29 years.  He and his wife Anna will remain in Plainview.

Mrs. Bohr has been with the Center for almost 21 years working in various capacities.  She has a good working knowledge of various aspects of the agency.  CPC has been in existence since 1969.  During those 47 years, the agency has had only 6 CEO’s – Elizabeth Woodley, Bill Dillard, James Thomas, Rick Van Hersh, Gail Davis, and Ron Trusler - with Trusler being the longest serving person in that positon.  Bohr will be the 7th CEO.  It is also noteworthy that CPC has had 7 staff who has become CEO/Executive Directors of a Community Mental Health Center, either at CPC or at other Centers across Texas – John Gill, Rick Van Hersh, Ron Trusler, Ghasem Navipour, Dion White, Jeff Tunnell and now Sherri Bohr.




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